I have updated the web pages previously hosted on a different site, and substantially restructured them in a way that organizes the material to be more readable and which emphasizes material that readers have found to be most helpful in understanding the points and issues I am trying to communicate. Some of the material here is not on the original website, and not all of the material on the previous website has been brought forward to this site.

One of the primary reasons for moving to this WordPress.com site instead of just reworking and re-posting at the old site, is to allow easier, direct access for interaction with readers. Readers who wish to leave comments are welcome to do so, and comments will be posted for review after moderation. Concise, relevant, focused comments representing all viewpoints, whether in agreement with mine or not, will be accepted, and hopefully can promote a lively interactive (but mutually respectful) discussion, although in-depth, lengthy forays into tangential side issues is distracting and will not be accepted. What will not be accepted are comments that are rude, offensive or which are disrespectful to deeply-held values and views. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

While an e-mail address is required (but not made public), it is not necessary to register with WordPress.com to leave comments, although doing so does allow additional options and access to additional features.

My new book Who Gets to Choose? (ISBN 9780944363201), from which these WordPress pages have been excerpted, and which includes the material from all the pages on this site plus additional material not in these web articles, has now been expanded, edited and published, and is now available, and can be ordered in in a paperback print edition from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com, as well as other outlets (e-book formats coming soon):

Amazon.com (in paperback print edition — Kindle e-book coming soon):

Barnes and Noble.com (in paperback print edition — Nook e-book coming soon):

More detailed information about the book can be found on the website of my publisher, Word Wizards, at:

And “like” us on Facebook:

NOTE ON COMMENTS: Comments are welcome, both those in agreement with my views and those representing differing views. Comments are subject to moderation and approval (and note that I review each comment myself, and I am not on the computer 24-hours a day, so there is usually a time lag between submission and possible approval). Brief, concise, specific comments are easiest to approve. Lengthy, rambling comments, or those that rehash points already made, clutter the thread and reduce both readability and the likelihood of approval. Inflammatory hate speech (“Abortion is murder!”) or personal insults will not be approved (unless someday I decide to post a “best of” collection of the hate speech stuff.)

Comments may be edited for length, space and relevance, but comments accepted for display will accurately present the content submitted. Personal information such as e-mail or other identifying details are not displayed. Comments are knowingly submitted for possible one-time, irrevocable public use and with permission for public display at the sole discretion of the moderator and may become a part of the public record, with no right of revocation of this one-time right of use, in a public exchange of ideas. Commenter retains all other ownership rights for future use and republication of their content.

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